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You need LESS communication

The Internet has no shortage of blog posts from all sorts of people talking about the best ways to communicate online. You’ve seen them:

etc. etc.

Everyone thinks their way is best and ultimately you’re doing either what your boss wants you to do, what the corporate policy wants you to do, or what your clients want you to do. And everyone thinks the problem is gonna get solved if you do it their way.

What’s the actual problem?

What problem are we trying to solve? We need to communicate with someone else using text and we need them to read it, and the problem is they are not reading everything we send them. And from the flip side, too many people are sending us things to read, so we are not reading everything sent to us.

So, the problem is not HOW we are getting the messages. No matter how we get the messages, it’s still a lot of messages, and we’re still not going to read it all, and the other people aren’t going to read all of our messages.


-Sick of Wolves

The “Stop Posting” approach to corporate communications

So here’s the solution: stop posting. Really just like, take a second to think about what you’re sending.

Ask yourself:

Could this meeting be a zoom? Could this zoom be a phone call? Could this phone call be an email? Could this email be a text? Could this text be unsent?

Could we in silence retreat to the forest? Could we, by game trails & forgotten paths, vanish into the trees?

-Louis Evans

A lot of people like to send messages just so the boss knows they’re working, or because they need to keep a “paper” trail. But honestly fucking give that shit up, it’s stupid. Just don’t do it. You can send one “paper trail” CYA email at the end of the week, end of story.

Tip on how to stop posting

Next steps

The next steps are to stop posting.

rogue it communication June 10 2022

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