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Defeating Simulated Phishing Attacks

Your employer probably has to test you regularly to make sure you’re not clicking on phishing emails. They probably do this using Knowbe4 (and if not then some other hosted solution). If your employer invested in this system, they probably also invested in a good spam filter, and that probably means the ONLY spam you’re getting in your actual inbox is the fake phishing tests. Which is super annoying and ironic, because you’re just getting spammed by your IT department.

To defeat this, here’s what you do:

  1. Open Outlook for Windows desktop app or Outlook Web App
  2. View headers on one of the simulated phishing emails.
  3. Look for the header1 called X-PHISHTEST.
  4. Create new rule based on the value X-PHISHTEST (“Message header includes”)

You can have your new rule auto forward to your security@ team, or just send to trash.

rogue it June 6 2022

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