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You want to help me with my business

They said:

I want to help them get their business online

I’m not meetup but I do get a lot of sales calls where people want to help me with my business, and those are my least favorite calls to receive. I do have to put my number out there publicly and one of the downsides to doing that is I get a lot of sales calls. When I get a call on my work number, and I say “hello”, and the other person is from someplace I never heard of, the first thing I ask is “is this a sales call?” And they never say it is, of course, they say they want to help me with my business.

So: yes, Meetup SHOULD make it easier for people to contact them, but they’re probably avoiding your particular type of call. Unless, of course, you want to help them for free, in which case… why would you want to do that.

communication June 9 2022

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