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How to browse the web in the least shitty way possible

The web has become more and more hostile to the users (this is sadly nothing new). As a result, I’ve had to add more and more things to be able to browse the web and still feel like a normal human being. I would recommend everyone do these things if you have the technical aptitude and the time/money to implement.

The goal is a pleasant user experience. However, the methods outlined below are not necessarily the best for privacy. If you are looking for ways to increase your privacy and reduce your ability to be tracked online, you need to find another guide.

DNS-level content filtering (ads, trackers)

You can set up a [pi-hole server][2] but using [AdGuard Public DNS][3] is good enough for most people. Doing this at home is as easy as setting and as your DNS servers, but doing this on the go is not so simple - you cannot set DNS servers on iPhone/iPad when you’re not connected to WiFi, so you’re rawdogging the Internet when you’re on your carrier network and not Wi-Fi. The fix is to set up a VPN server.

VPN server to allow content filtering from anywhere

Use [the Algo script][4] to set up WireGuard. Even someone with very, very rudimentary networking knowledge (me) can follow the steps and get this working quickly. You will need to pay for a VM out there but it’s worth it!.


All the browsers are terrible but since we have to pick one, [Firefox][5] is the best. But you can’t just use it vanilla.



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communication June 6 2022

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