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Should I avoid doing business with this company? A web site checklist

If you are about to do business with some company, and you want a pleasant customer experience, look for these things on their website:

The leader’s name

Is the name of the leader on the website? If not, why not? You should stand behind your business. A photo is a nice touch as well.

A physical location

Yes, it’s the ’20s, and yes, their location may not be relevant. But seeing a “based in City, Country” goes a long way to tell you this is a real operation and maybe a hint as to by what laws they need to abide. Small company operating out of a residential garage doesn’t want to put the full address? Understandable. But if you don’t even say where you are generally I can’t engage with you.

A general inquiries phone number and email

I will almost for sure never actually call you. But knowing that I’m able to is important, at least depending on how much money I’m about to spend. Email is for sure required.

communication June 9 2022

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