Truly unified inbox - BlackBerry got it right and nobody has since

Apr 28, 2021

Back in like 2004 or 2005 you had a BlackBerry. There was an “app” on there (they weren’t called apps back then) where you would see all your incoming messages. Any type of messages, doesn’t matter what “app”, what service, it was all there. For example:

You get the idea. It was all there in one pane of glass.

Now today. You have an iPhone or an Android. Want to check your Facebook messages? Open the Facebook Messenger app. Want to check Signal? Open the Signal app. Email? Open your email app (and you might have more than one of those, even).

Now keep in mind, it’s not like BlackBerry didn’t have the gmail or phone “apps”. You could still access them directly. The unified inbox just gave a really nice view of all your communications. There’s literally nothing like that today, 15+ years later.

And I have to ask – why not?!

update 4/28

CanuckTheClown on reddit made a great post on /r/blackberry in response to my post.

update 4/30

People have responded suggesting the following: