macOS caps lock delay is annoying

Jun 8, 2021

I recently jumped on the mechanical keyboard train. Got a nice keyboard, plugged it in, and I love it…. Except, the caps lock key doesn’t work like normal keys. I have to really press it down in order to register. I thought it was a problem with the keyboard, but turns out, no, it’s a macOS setting - that cannot be changed natively!

This has been a thing for a long time but with the mushy membrane keyboards I barely noticed it. My mechanical keyboard allows for lighter touch and so a reallllly press action is much more noticeable.

So ok, it’s Mac right? Can’t I just set some default configs or something? Nope. Can’t I just unset and reset caps lock modifier key as suggested here? Nope. I had to install Karabiner-Elements which magically fixed the issue! Karabiner-Elements is a great product, and I love it, but it’s insane that I had to install a whole different thing that’s another layer in between my hardware and the output just to not get a caps lock delay.
Geez Louise.